The present among young people, Jordan basketball shoes, "bubble" basketball shoes, Cheap Jordans Online running shoes sneakers is very popular, such as some the price of the shoe and even fired to 23000 yuan.The reporter understands in the interview, the manufacturer's hunger marketing strategy and sales agents to hype the shoe prices soared.
Every weekend, some sales Authentic Jordans on sale store in this city of the door there is always someone waiting for limited edition shoes on sale.People give priority to with early high school students, college students.According to reporter understanding, they wait for sale shoes are expensive, named after a with a certain star boots, for example, the scene this week set limit to sells for 1599 yuan, and Authentic Cheap Jordans On Sale USA Online Store the price on the net have scrambled to 2000 yuan.
Spend so much money to buy a pair of shoes worth it?A engaged in sports teaching in university teacher tells a reporter, from the point of use function, local brands in 500 yuan to 600 yuan price of shoes can completely meet the requirements of playing basketball fans.
Limited edition Cheap Jordans Online shoes at such high prices is as valuable as merchants propaganda?This city a basketball shoe lovers Mr Joe told reporters: "collection of sneakers and public awareness of the collection is not a concept."Qiao Xian student said, "sneakers collection and transfer exists only in small range, flow volume is small. The key is that now the associate with a shoe collection value has been up to very high price, have no how much rose value space."
The personage inside course of study says Authentic Jordans online, at present, young people love sports, love sports stars, manufacturers are taking advantage of young people's feeling for goods add premium stunt.Ordinary consumers don't be stunt took away
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