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Many people's hearts are beautiful boots Stuart Weitzman barreled over a grass species, in fact, from Oscar to major events MTV Video Music Awards, etc., a lot of actresses would choose to walk the red carpet Stuart Weitzman heels. The brand is a rising star named 5050's boots. The first boots are loved by many European and American actress, the actress who's been a lot of paparazzi PW match coverage, including Miranda Kerr (Miranda children) Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo) Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie), and so can be seen wearing knee-high boots 5050 figure. Later, at home and abroad fashion bloggers network Reds began to follow through, so this has been an unprecedented welcome boots, they are directed to it "obvious legs, leg was thin, there is a star aura" from.
??In Stuart Weitzman's official website, in addition to 5050, there are several very similar with 5050, when able to win almost half price discounts, a lot of love to follow suit and unknown situations 5050 fans are mistaken for the price. Today, we work together to give science what difference this several knee-high boots, the specific information is as follows contrast side table
????5050: The boots is everyone touted "legs weapon" 5050, Stuart Weitzman's official website currently has three skins, are black Liangpi (Black Nappa above) and suede subsection (color choice is very much) and a metal color (Pyrite Nocturn). 5050 knee boots boots was the reason why is because the rear calf boots thin elastic material that allows full wrap calf boots while avoiding repeatedly brought wearing ankle wear. General boots, repeatedly put on a winter ankle always become wrinkled, smooth skin also becomes an ugly strip stripes seem endless. And 5050 will just avoid this embarrassment. 5050 is 0.75 inches with high ( inch) contract 19 mm, whether you would not wear high heels can easily manage, work wear shopping runaway feet will not hurt. Toe made at the intimate oval, toes are not wronged.
???But Xiao Bian here to remind petite girl, this knee-high boots tube about 19 inches high, 48 cm contract. Although it is significantly higher thin, but for small cute girl, the control is not good but easy to have a negative effect. So petite girl how to do it? Here, this is definitely your love:
???The Mezzamezza Boot petite girl must try this boots, the two biggest difference between it and the 5050 is high and boots with different heights. The material is the same NAPA Leather, the same used in the rear boots elastic material, so that the same can wrap calf boots. The high heel boots is 1.75 inches (1 inches) boots height is 16.5 inches, 41.5 cm contract, compared to 5050 but do not pick the body and legs, the average girl can easily manage, recommended!
The Reserve Boot $ 635
????The Reserve Boot: Having petite girl, to tall girl also recommended style that Reserve. It is the higher boots, with also higher, even more sexy foot wear very hot. Heel Height is 1.75 inches (1 inches) height is 19 inches boots, knee boots at the front will be higher than 1.5 inches, there are also light skinned black suede and Napa two, suede color choices are also very much So, if you are already a model figure girl, try this Reserve, can make you more than 5050 color too! [Page] The Hijack Bootie $ 665 ?
???The Hijack Bootie: Stuart Weitzman's "stitching" the family, there is a high with the high boots, called Hijack. The boots with mini-miniskirt is great, with a 3.5 inches high, 8.8 cm contract, boots height is 19 inches, knee boots at the front will be higher than 1.5 inches, cortex black suede toe than 5050 a bit less square, a little more mellow. It is definitely a good partner you mix night party in! Renagade $ 665
?????Renagade: "stitching" the best known of a family, it joined the locomotive element in the design, so the overall look more lively and handsome boots. With 1.25 inches high, the contract 3.1 cm, height is 19 inches boots, knee boots at the front will be higher than 1.5 inches, and 5050 except that the more pointed toe, there is even more feminine. There are two colors black and gray, sexy yet handsome. Personally, Xiao Bian would prefer toe design Renagade, Very Chic taste.
FIFO $ 635
????FIFO: FIFO and Reserve are very similar, with high and boots are the same height. The difference is that the design of the toe, FIFO is more pointed toe number, the official website is currently available in black suede and black patent leather colors. Compared to 5050, it now will be higher, more pointed head. Meet the high heel and toe styles of girls have different requirements.
The Semi Wedge $ 650 ????The Semi Wedge: shoes increased within two purposes, first, seem more visually, the second is good to go. The Semi Wedge with nearly 2.25 inches high, 5.7 cm contract. Boots overall height of 20 inches, 50.8 cm contract. Currently the official website has two colors black bright skin and suede toe and more pointed than 5050. Wedge family in fact, there is a section called Demiswoon, even the soles of the feet part also followed thicker bottom, with 3.25 feet high, the contract 8.2 cm. Whether you are a fan of Stuart Weitzman Which family, but we recommend to the store to try on, to choose according to individual needs.
Stuart Weitzman boots knee boots community that is absolutely fried chicken, different, heels and boots designed for all sectors of female friends of different ages, winter essential fashion items, essential. Especially Stuart Weitzman 5050, classic wild, but the domestic price is amazing.
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