HSBC Direct Online Savings lets you get to your cash anytime, while growing it faster.
One of the highest savings rate in the country.
No monthly fees.
No matter how much you use our ATMs or how many times you transfer your money, there are no fees.
No minimum balance requirement.
When you open an account, you
Only have to put $1 in to start.
However you choose to fund your account, there's no fee to
Don't have to open a checking account with HSBC.
HSBC Direct works with the account you already have.
Will manage your account on instead of at a branch.
Manage your account by
Depositing or withdrawing at any HSBC ATM in the U.S.
You can get to your cash anytime.
Sending your deposit by mail.
Transferring funds online to and from your other bank accounts.
You can connect HSBC Direct to as many checking accounts as you want, regardless of what bank they're at.

Take care of bills and other payments.
Send one-time payments or schedule recurring payments.
You control who you pay and when. Add as many companies or people as you like.
Pay electronically. It’s paperless, fast and efficient.
Make purchases or get cash at more than 395,000 ATMs nationwide with a debit card.
If you use a non-HSBC ATM in the U.S., HSBC will reimburse the first 3 ATM surcharge/convenience fees each month.
Earn interest where you may not have before.

Get 2.50% APY** on your Online Payment Account balance.
Reach your savings goals even faster.
Even your spending money will be helping you save.
Link to your HSBC Direct Online Savings.
With both accounts, you can earn interest in two places.
You'll be making more of all your money, not just your savings.
Transfer money to your Online Savings account to earn more, instantly.
Transfers take seconds instead of days, so there's no time or earnings wasted.
Both accounts in one place means more control over your money.
It'll be easy to manage your expenses as closely as you do your savings.
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