FNBO Direct was launched with the online savings account as its only product.
FNBO Direct allows customers to make deposits a number of different ways. The most common option is through an Automated Clearing House, or ACH, transfer, where customers can request to have funds come from an external account that has already been verified as being owned by the customer and accepting ACH transactions. There can be up to three external accounts set up at any one time. Other ways for deposits to be made would be [2]:

Initiating an ACH transfer from the other bank
Request a wire transfer from the customer's account with the other bank to FNBO Direct
Mail in a check made out to the customer and endorsed "For Deposit Only"
Direct deposit, set up through the customer’s employer
Customers can withdraw their funds by the following ways:

Initiating an ACH transfer through FNBO Direct website to a verified external account
Submitting the ACH request through the customers bank
Wire transfer request to a previously verified external account
ATM withdrawal, if the customer requested to have ATM card
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