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k-jack shoe tips of up to 30 ins. They couldn't have been quite comfortable so it seems distress in the name of fashion has long been practised, or perhaps they were basically overcompensating? On a more useful note, heeled boots for a girl became trendy in the 1500's when they were designed to keep foot from slipping outside of stirrups. Later, Louis XIV made heels fashionable through sporting shoes with a few inch heels that portrayed miniature battle scenes in it. Shoes were a vital part regarding society much earlier on compared to that though, and not just given that they looked good on ft. In 1000 AD, women were given away by their very own fathers who would then allow the groom one of the bride's footwear as a symbol of transference of authority. And instead involving throwing a bouquet, typically the bride would throw the girl shoe. Sometimes grooms sipped toasts from the bride's footwear instead of a glass. Interestingly, in most cultures throwing a boot at someone is the sStuart weitzman canadaupreme sign of disrespect instructions remember the shoe-throwing episode involving George Bush? Beginning as necessity but combining status, luxury, comfort and imaginative expression along the way, shoes possess literally been part of history from the very beginning. The earliest images of shoes can be found on give paintings in locations worldwide. We'll never know who the initial person to ever place something on their feet has been, but some believe that Leonardo kc Vinci was the first person to help invent the heel. With regards to 70 years after he or she invented it, people started off using heels to make them selves appear taller. A popular initial example of this was 14 year-old Catherine d' Medici who else wore heels at the woman wedding to gain two in . in height - and it's also been done ever since. Heeled sneakers, although incredibly popular due to the fact invention, took a hit in France after Jessica Antoinette's excessive love for the coffee lover put a dampener wit

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